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Subject: Annual Christmas Parade

Friday, 28 Nov. 2014, will mark the City of Sonora’s 31st annual Christmas Parade. This event falls on the Friday following Thanksgiving Day and is attended by thousands of spectators. The Sonora Police Department is tasked with traffic control and security for the parade.

The Sonora Police Department and the City of Sonora would like to remind everyone that the correct location for dropping off participants for the parade, is on Shaws Flat Road, in front of Sonora High School. The participants can then walk across the campus to the staging area. Disabled participants may be dropped off at the intersection of South Washington and School Street.

“NO PARKING” will be allowed on Washington Street from the Red Church to Toby Street. This “NO PARKING” restriction will start at 2 pm, Friday, 28 Nov. 2014. If you park in this area your vehicle will be towed.

“NO PARKING” is permitted on the side streets between Washington Street and Green Street; and between Washington Street and Stewart. These restrictions start at 2 pm, on Friday, 28 Nov. 2014, vehicles parked in these areas will be towed.

The Tuolumne County Transit’s Holiday Trolley will run from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm, on the day of the parade. There are several pick-up and drop off locations in the downtown area. For more information regarding the Holiday Trolley schedule you may call 209-532-0404, or log onto .

As a result of the parade, there will be several street closures and detours, along with a lot of traffic and pedestrian congestion. Below is a list of the street closures and the detours which will be in place during the parade. All detour routes will be marked.


• School Street will be closed from 2:00 pm until approx. 8:00 pm.

• Washington Street will be closed to “ALL” traffic from the intersection of Snell Street to the intersection of Hospital Road from 5:00 pm until approx. 8:00 pm.

• Restano Way will be closed from 5:00 pm until approx. 8:00 pm.

• Stockton Road will be closed to “ALL” traffic at the intersection of S. Green Street and Stockton Road from 5:00 pm until approx. 8:00 pm.


• Southbound traffic on Washington St. will be detoured onto Elkin St., then onto Stewart Street, then up Mono Way.

• Northbound traffic on Washington St. will be detoured up Hospital Road to Mono Way and down Mono Way onto Stewart Street, then onto Elkin and back onto Washington St.

• Eastbound traffic on Stockton Road will be stopped at Green Street and turned around to the detour route, which is Forest Rd., to Bonanza St., then to Highway 49.

The goal of the Sonora Police Department is to ensure the safety of motorists, spectators, pedestrians and participants. If you are attending the parade, the Sonora Police Department suggests you arrive prior to the 5:00 pm street closures. This will allow you plenty of time to find parking. If you are not attending the parade, you may want to avoid the downtown area to minimize your frustration with the street closures and large volume of traffic. Streets will remain closed for approximately 15 minutes following the parade to allow spectators time to clear the streets and intersections.

Remember, following the parade there will be a large amount of vehicle and pedestrian traffic in the downtown area. Take your time and be considerate. Normally, the traffic in the downtown area will clear out in approximately 30 minutes, so turn on some holiday music and enjoy the start of the holiday season while waiting. If you have any questions about street closures, detours, or no parking restrictions, please call the Sonora Police Department at 209-532-8141.
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