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The Sonora Police Department was dispatched to the Crossroads Shopping center on 12-08-17, at approximately 1457 hours, for a physical fight, near Papa Murphy’s. Upon arrival, we contacted the victim. The suspect Edward Greenberg, 51 of Sonora, had attempted to strike the victim with his cane and stunned the victim with a stun gun because of words being said. Several witnesses’ were interviewed which their statements corroborated the victim’s claims. Witnesses told Officers Greenberg was chasing after the victim, swinging his cane and zapping his Taser at the victim. The Victim backpedaled away from Greenberg. The victim was hit by the Taser on his side once which caused reddening in the area of the strike.

Greenberg denied the claims. Greenberg was arrested for the assault with a deadly weapon and also assault with a Taser device. While Greenberg was being searched incident to the arrest a concealed fixed blade knife was found in the inside right jacket pocket. Greenberg was taken to the Tuolumne County jail where he was booked for Assault with a deadly weapon, not a firearm, Assault with a Taser Device and Possession of a Concealed Dirk or Dagger. His bail was set at $40,000.00.