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Date and Time of Release: 23 March 2015

Date and Time of Incident: 20 March 2015, at approx. 5:00 pm

Subject: Ashes Lead to Assault with a Deadly Weapon
20 March 2015, at approx. 5:00 pm, an officer contacted a victim of an assault, who was being treated in the emergency room of Sonora Regional Medical Center for a laceration to her head.

The victim told the officer she had gone to a residence located on Arbona Circle to pick up some items of hers and to return the ashes of Christine Bright’s brother-in-law. While at the residence, the victim and Bright became engaged in a verbal dispute over the ashes and other items. When the victim got back into her vehicle to leave, Bright struck the victim in the head with a propane torch, resulting in a laceration to the victim’s head, which required staples.

Officers contacted Bright at her residence on Arbona Circle. Bright alleged the victim had stolen her brother-in-laws ashes the day before. Bright further alleged when the victim arrived to her residence, the victim started throwing her brother-in-laws ashes around the residence. This and other things led to a heated argument, but Bright denied striking the victim and claimed she had no idea how the victim sustained the injury to her head.

Several witnesses were contacted and supported what the victim had told officers. Bright was taken into custody and transported to the Tuolumne County Jail and booked for felony assault with a deadly weapon and felony committing a felony while out of jail on bail or on an OR release. Bright had been arrested on 14 March 2015, for assault with a deadly weapon after she attacked someone with a yard light, injuring the victim in that case as well.