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Date and Time of Release: 19 March 2015

Date and Time of Incident: 18 March 2015

Subject: Assault on Officer with a Deadly Weapon Arrest

18 March 2015, at approx. 12:04 pm, two officers were at the Inn’s of California following up on another matter, when they were contacted by hotel staff. The staff requested a welfare check on a five month old child, whose parents appeared to be intoxicated and possibly unable to care for the child.

The officers contacted Christopher Teter, 39, transient Sonora, and Cristin Teter, 33 transient Sonora, inside their hotel room, which Christopher had invited them into. While inside the room and speaking with both the Teter’s about the staff’s concerns, Cristin charged one of the officers and attempted to hit her.

Both the officers grabbed Cristin and restrained her on a bed. While restraining Cristin, Christopher started attempting to pull the officers away from Cristin. The officers then turned their attention to Christopher and attempted to place him in handcuffs. While wrestling with Christopher and attempting to restrain him, Cristin removed one of the officer’s baton from his duty belt and starting hitting him with it. At this point Cristin was pepper sprayed, ending her attack, after she had struck the officer two to three times with the baton.

Both Christopher and Cristin were then restrained in handcuffs. Cristin continued being combative and damaged a patrol car while being placed inside it. Both were transported to the Tuolumne County Jail and booked.

Cristin was booked for felony assault on an officer with a deadly weapon, felony resisting an office with force and violence, felony taking a non-firearm weapon from an officer, and felony child endangerment.

Christopher was booked for felony child endangerment, misdemeanor obstructing an officer, and on an outstanding warrant.

The five month old child was taken into protective custody and turned over to Child Welfare Services. One officer received minor injuries as a result of the incident.