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Date and Time of Release: 19 Aug. 2010

Date and Time of Incident: 18 Aug. 2010, at approx. 7:43 pm

Subject: Attempt to Pass Fictitious Money
18 Aug. 2010, at approx. 7:43 pm, Talulah’s Family Pasta Fool, located at 13 S. Washington St., called the Sonora Police Department and reported that a subject had just attempted to pass a fictitious ten dollar bill. When an employee told the subject that the bill was fictitious, he took the bill back from the employee and exited the business. The employee was able to give a very detailed description of the subject.

Officers located the subject a short time later in Coffill Park. They contacted the subject, who was identified as Andrew Clemo, 28, homeless. A records check on Clemo revealed that he was on probation for petty theft, while having prior theft convictions.

Officers obtained the bill from Clemo and noticed that it was obviously fictitious. Clemo claimed he had found the bill on the sidewalk and then attempted to get change for it at Talulah’s. He also admitted that an employee at Talulah’s told him the bill was fictitious, then after learning this, he left Talulah’s and attempted to pass it at the Sportsman’s Bar.

Clemo was taken into custody without incident. Clemo was transported to the Tuolumne County Jail and booked for;

• Felony possession of fictitious bills
• Felony attempting to pass fictitious bills
• Violation of probation