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Date and Time of Release: 11 July 2010

Date and Time of Incident: 9 July 2010, at approx. 8:54

Subject: Assault with a deadly weapon arrest
9 July 2010, at approx. 8:54 pm, an officer driving by Perkos Café on Mono Way observed a verbal dispute in the parking lot.

The officer contacted several subjects. One of those subjects was identified as Mary Garrett, 61 of Lookout, CA. It was learned from witness statements and the statements of the two victims; that Garrett had failed to yield the right of way to a vehicle at the intersection of Restano Way and South Washington St.

Then as Garrett traveled E/B on Mono Way, she traveled at a very slow rate of speed and weaved back and forth in the traffic lane in front of the vehicle she had cut off. Then when Garrett reached Perkos Café, she stopped her vehicle in the #1 traffic lane, causing the vehicle she had cut off to almost hit her.

A motorcyclist and his passenger who had been following Garrett and the other vehicle, pulled alongside Garrett while she was stopped in the traffic lane. The ride of the motorcycle yelled for Garrett to get off the road before she hurt someone.

The motorcyclist then pulled into the parking lot of Perkos Café and Garrett followed the motorcyclist into the parking lot. The motorcyclist parked in front of the café, as Garrett pulled across the parking lot and stopped her vehicle.

As soon as the motorcyclist and his passenger got off the motorcycle, Garrett accelerated her 1994 Olds, Cutlass and rammed the motorcycle with her vehicle. Neither the motorcyclist nor his passenger, were injured as a result of this incident.

Garrett was taken into custody without incident. She was booked into the Tuolumne County Jail for;

Felony attempted assault with a deadly weapon
Felony vandalism