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Late last week, a Sonora man came to the Police Department to report he was threatened and assaulted by a subject who he knows as 20-year-old Cole A. Cranstoun.  The man reported that on the evening of January 17th, he was near the railroad tracks between Old Wards Ferry Road and Hospital Road when enticed toward a makeshift camp by a third party.  When he approached, Cole Cranstoun emerged and began striking the man about the head and face, forcing him to the ground.  Cranstoun then demanded money and went through the man’s pockets.  Additionally, Cranstoun made a death threat to the man.


Officers of the Sonora Police Department actively sought out Cranstoun during the following days and he was eventually located at the Tuolumne County Court on an unrelated matter.  Officers took Cranstoun into custody without incident and he was booked for multiple felony and misdemeanor charges.