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Date of Release: 17 November 2015

Subject: Attempting to Identify Victims and Witnesses

The Sonora Police Department is attempting to locate anyone who may have been stopped by, or witnesses someone being stopped by, a person acting to be an authority figure.

A male subject was operating a white, older, Isuzu Trooper, SUV, with out of state plates, and stopping motorists. Photos of the actual vehicle have been posted with this release. The subject operating the vehicle stopped at least one vehicle we know of on Sanguinetti Road. This vehicle was a smaller white BMW or Volvo sedan. It’s possible other vehicles were stopped during the last few days by this same person using this vehicle.

If you were stopped by someone driving this vehicle, or if you know of someone who was stopped by someone driving this vehicle, please call the Sonora Police Department at 209-532-8141.
Vehicle 1

Vehicle 2