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Date and Time of Release: 22 August 2011

Date and Time of Incident: 22 August 2011, at approx. 10:00 am

Subject: Bath Salt Arrest
For the past two months the Sonora Police Department has been working in conjunction with the Tuolumne County Public Health Director concerning the sale of illegal bath salts and spices at a business located inside the City limits of Sonora. The bath salts in question are known as “K2”, “Spice” and “Bath Salts.” These products contain controlled substances and have been linked to several deaths in the U.S.

The investigation included the undercover purchase of the substances in question; the testing of the substances in question by the California Department of Justice Lab to confirm the products did in fact contain a controlled substance; contacting and notifying the business owner of the health and legal actions if he continued to sale the salts and spices.

The business owner, Keyth Pike, 52 of Sonora failed to listen to the County Health Director and continued to sale the deadly and illegal bath salts and spices. He even continued instructing customers how to use the product, even after being told that they could be deadly.

An arrest warrant was issued for Pike’s arrest charging him with felony sales of a controlled substance and felony transportation of a controlled substance. Bail on the warrant was set at $50,000. A search warrant was also issued for Pike’s business, Pacalolos, which is located at 420 S. Washington St., Sonora.

On 22 Aug. 2011, at approx. 10:00 am, Officers from the Sonora Police Department served the search warrant at Pacalolos. Numerous packages of bath salt and spice were seized, along with a large amount of drug paraphernalia. While at the business a package was delivered containing additional illegal bath salts.

Pike was located at his residence in the County and taken into custody on the arrest warrant. Pike was transported to the Tuolumne County jail and booked on the warrant and for possession of drug paraphernalia for sale.