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Date and Time of Release: 23 April 2013

Date and Time of Incident: 22 April, Approx. 9:00 pm

Subject: Bear Reminders

22 April 13, at approx. 9:00 pm, a black bear was sighted in the area of Sonora Ave., inside the City of Sonora. The bear was last seen running off into a wooded area east of Southgate Road.

With this recent sighting, the Sonora Police Department would like to take a moment to remind you of a few tips when it comes to bears, with the help of

Keeping Bears Wild is Everyone’s Responsibility!

Bears can be attracted into yards by a variety of items. It is our responsibility to reduce the likelihood of bears being drawn to our neighborhoods by taking an active role in reducing a variety of natural and human related enticements.

Garbage Disposal; Make sure that you do not store garbage outside, in your vehicle, or in a trailer near your residence. Remember it’s the smell that draws bears to a specific location.

Compost Piles; Many people in our community are very ecologically minded, and compost piles can be a critical part of your waste reduction plan. At the same time, it is important to limit what you place in your compost piles. Avoid placing any meat by-products such as fish, meat, bones, egg shells, dairy products or fruit into your compost pile. Adding some lime to your compost can also speeds up the decomposition and reduce the smell, which attracts bears.

Barbeques; There’s nothing like a summer barbeque on the patio. The smell of a juicy steak can permeate the air and attract much more than envious glances from non-barbequing neighbors. These same smells can attract bears to your deck once you head to bed. When you’re finished with your feast, make sure to burn the food off of the grill, or at least clean the barbeque carefully. Also, if you store your barbeque outside, be sure to use a cover as this will reduce the smell emanating from it.

Bird Feeders;Bird feeders have played a very serious role in attracting bears. There is no legitimate reason to have feeders up in the summer as there are plenty of natural foods available. If you must have a bird feeder, be sure to wait until late November before filling it with seed, and don’t forget to take it down before the bears come out in spring, usually by early March.