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Date and Time of Release: 15 July 2013

Date and Time of Incident: 14 July 2013 at approx. 4:15 pm

Subject: Burglary Arrest
14 July 2013, at approx. 4:15 pm, Wal-Mart loss prevention called the Sonora Police Department and reported they were watching two subjects who had performed some suspicious behavior.

The subjects had placed a large amount of merchandise in a shopping cart. They then removed some shopping bags from a closed checkout area and walked to another part of the store where they placed all the merchandise inside the cart into the shopping bags.

Officers responded to the area and stood by. The two subjects went through an open checkout stand and paid for one pack of cigarettes and made no attempt to pay for the items they had placed inside the shopping bags.

When the two subjects exited the store they were contacted by Officers. The subjects were identified as Charles Bowers, 23 of Sonora and Bart Salazar, 40 of Sonora. Both were taken into custody without incident. The merchandise in the cart that Bowers and Salazar had failed to pay for totaled over $744. It was also learned that Bowers had two outstanding warrants for his arrest, one for theft and another for vandalism.

Bowers and Salazar were transported to the Tuolumne County Jail and booked for burglary and conspiracy. Bowers was also booked on the two outstanding warrants.