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Date Incident: 26 November 2015

Subject: Burglary Arrest

26 November 2015, at approx. 9:04 PM, Officers responded to Wal-Mart regarding employees detaining a burglary suspect.

When officers arrived, employees related Dearld Munsee Jr., 35, a transient, had loaded over $2,800 worth of merchandise in a shopping cart, most of which were electronic items. Munsee then pushed the cart through an emergency exit to avoid paying for the items in the cart.

Employees started chasing Munsee once he had exited the store. Munsee eventually abandoned the shopping cart, as it was slowing his escape. A customer, seeing the employees chasing Munsee, tripped Munsee, allowing store employees to catch Munsee and detain him.

Munsee was transported to Tuolumne County Jail and booked for felony burglary and felony grand theft.