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Date and Time of Release: 25 September 2012

Date and Time of Incident: 22 September 2012 at approx. 7:54 pm

Subject: Burglary Arrest
22 September 2012, at approx. 7:54 pm, Officers responded to Safeway located at 1291 Sanguinetti Road regarding a push out of groceries.

When Officers arrived they contacted store employees. The employees related that a male and female subject, who had a child with them, entered the store and filled two shopping carts with groceries and then pushed the shopping carts past all the cashiers without paying for the groceries, which was captured on the stores surveillance cameras.

When employees discovered what had occurred, they attempted to contact the subjects in the parking lot. However, the subjects speed away after loading all the groceries and child into their vehicle. In their rush to leave the parking lot, an open passenger door scraped the vehicle they were parked next to.

Officers were able to identify the suspects as Kerry Lang, 30 of Sonora, who is on probation for narcotic offenses, and Christopher Goodrich, 32 of Sonora who is on probation for DUI. The child was Lang’s one year old son.

With the assistance of the Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Office, both Lang and Goodrich were located at a residence in the County. Officers from the Sonora Police Department responded to the location in the County and took Lang and Goodrich into custody.

Lang claimed she had stolen the items to feed her son. However, some of the items taken were beer, whiskey, dog food, hot peppers, soda and other items not consumable by a one year old child. Most of the items were recovered. However, a large portion was destroyed as it was frozen or refrigerated foods that had defrosted or became warm. Lang and Goodrich removed $569 in merchandise from the store.

Lang and Goodrich were transported to the Tuolumne County Jail and booked on several felony and misdemeanor charges. Lang’s son was turned over to the custody of a relative.