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Date and Time of Release: 4 September 12

Date and Time of Incident: 31 September 2012

Subject: Busy Labor Day Weekend

The Sonora Police Department had a busier than normal Labor Day weekend. Below is a recap of some of the more significant incidents which occurred during the weekend.
30 September 12, at approx. 9:18 pm, a male subject was observed acting suspicious near Wal Mart. An Officer located the subject and made contact with him. The subject was identified as Robert Hultsman, 56 a transient out of Palo Alto. Hultsman is on parole for sex crimes and was wearing an ankle monitoring bracelet. Hultsman didn’t have authorization to be in Tuolumne County. When contacted, Hultsman provided his brother’s name to the Officer. However, Hultsman was identified via tattoos and parole records. Hultsman was arrested for violation of parole, felony violation of sex registration and misdemeanor delaying an officer.
31 September 2012, at approx. 7:38 pm, an Officer stopped a vehicle for running a stop sign. Inside the vehicle was Christian Gonzalez, 20 of Jamestown and Timothy Reis, 19 of Sonora. The Officer smelled a strong odor of marijuana coming from inside the vehicle. A search of the vehicle produced Psilocybin mushrooms, a small amount of marijuana and a butterfly knife. A search at the jail produced a baggie of methamphetamine on Gonzalez. The two were arrested on several felony drug charges.
31 September 2012, at approx. 9:20 pm, Officers served a search warrant on an apartment located at 250 Greenley Road. During the search, it was discovered that the tenants were not home. The search revealed glass smoking pipes containing methamphetamine and Xanex pills. Felony charges are pending against the tenants of the apartment.
While Officers were following up on related drug information, while executing the above search warrant, officers contacted a neighboring apartment at 250 Greenley Road. A consent search of the apartment was conducted which produced a half-gram of heroin, 4 individual baggies of methamphetamine, drug paraphernalia, drug packaging, electronic scale and $565 in cash . The residents, Brian Bockert 35 and Amber Hoskins 25 were arrested for several felony drug charges.
31 September 2012 at approx. 11:30 pm, Brandon King, 32 of Sonora approached a under cover officer, who was conducting surveillance on drug activity, following the service of the above search warrant. King introduced himself to the officer and explained he was making sure there were no law enforcement officers still in the area. King was determined to have two felony drug warrants for his arrest and was on probation for sales of controlled substances out of Sacramento. Following his arrest, a search of his person revealed heroin and drug paraphernalia. King was arrested on the two felony drug warrants and new felony drug charges.
There were also a few driving under the influence arrests as well as battery arrests made over the busy weekend.