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Date and Time of Release: 3 September 2014

Date and Time of Incident: 2 September 2014, at approx. 12:08 am

Subject: Cause of Fire Determined

On Tuesday, 2 September, 2014, at approx. 12:08 am, a fire was reported in the walkway behind the Cocina Michoacana Restaurant, located at 770 Mono Way. The fire was reported by a security guard from Sonora Regional Hospital.

The fire did not result in any structural damage to the building, and was limited to restaurant property consisting of: a red synthetic bag containing approximately thirty pounds of cleaning rags from the restaurant’s weekly business, a rubber mat, a grey plastic container and another one-gallon yellow plastic container, a caulking gun w/a spent cardboard tube and several grease-coated metal items.

A Fire Investigator from the Sonora Police Department was requested to investigate the cause and origin of the fire. The Investigator was able to determine the fire was caused by spontaneous combustion, as a result of the oil soaked folded cloth rags and towels, which were waiting to be picked up by a cleaning service.