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The Sonora Police Department wants to remind everyone to celebrate safely this New Year’s weekend.

Being arrested for DUI, or even worse, being involved in a collision can ruin your holiday. Nationwide, 40 percent of motor vehicle crash fatalities involve drunk drivers. In the few days surrounding Christmas and New Year’s Eve, an average of 304 people die in drunk driving crashes.

Please follow these tips to help keep yourself and others safe on the roadway:
• Make a plan and don’t over drink
• Designate a sober driver
• Enter taxi cab numbers into your cell phone ahead of time
• Choose a sober friend to accompany you home if you are walking
• Arrange to stay where you are or at a hotel within walking distance
• Never accept a ride from an impaired driver
• Be aware of winter driving conditions such as ice and fog
• Wear your seatbelt and stay off your phone while driving
• Report drunk drivers

Together, we can help make this holiday safer for traveling on our roadways. The Sonora Police Department wishes you a very happy…. and safe… New Year!