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Date and Time of Release: 14 July 2014

Date and Time of Incident: 11 July 2014, at approx. 9:18 am

Subject: Child Endangerment

11 July 2014, at approx. 9:18 am, an Officer responded to a medical office located on the 100 block of Shepherd Street, regarding a two year old child who had been located wondering around the street. The male child was only wearing a dirty diaper and carrying a knife. The child had recently turned two.
The witness who located the child attempted to locate the parents for several minutes. When she was unable to locate the parents, she dropped the child off at a medical office, and then went back out looking for the parents.
The witness contacted a male subject in a creek and asked him if he was looking for a child. The male subject was evasive and stated he didn’t know. The witness followed the male subject to a residence on Brookside Place, where another male subject came out, who was watching the child.
The police department identified this subject as 32 year old Johnnie Schriver of Sonora. Schriver related he was watching the two year old and felt the child was in the backyard playing. However, when he went out to check on the child, the child was missing and the side gate was open.
Schriver claimed the child was only missing for approx. 10 minutes, but officers determined it was over 20 minutes. The child was turned over to Child Welfare Services. A report was submitted to the Tuolumne County District Attorney’s Office for review for the charge of child endangerment.