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Date Incident: 2 June 2016, at approx. 7:42 pm

Subject: Counterfeit Money Arrest

2 June 16, at approx. 7:42 pm, Officers responded to Grocery Outlet, 685 S. Washington Street, regarding a male subject attempting to pass counterfeit money. The suspect had presented a fake $10 bill to the clerk, and asked for $10 in quarters in return. The clerk recognized the money as fake, and returned the bill to the suspect.

The suspect then presented the clerk with a fake $20 bill, and asked for quarters in return. This bill was also identified as counterfeit by the clerk, and returned to the suspect. The manager of Grocery Outlet witnessed the incident and immediately recognized the money as counterfeit as well. The manager was able to get a vehicle description, as well as the license plate number.

A check on the license plate number came back to Joseph Gerton, 32 of Sonora. Gerton also matched the person in store surveillance video. Gerton was contacted at his residence in Sonora. The counterfeit money was found in his possession. Gerton was positively identified by Grocery Outlet employees as the person who had attempted to pass the two fake bills.

Gerton was placed under arrest without incident. He was transported to the Tuolumne County Jail and booked for felony attempting to pass counterfeit money.


Gerton, Joseph