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Date Incident: 2 March 2016

Subject: Criminal Threats

2 March 2016, at approx. 1:41 am, an officer responded to the emergency room of Sonora Regional Medical Center regarding a patient causing a disturbance. Upon arrival, the officer learned Adam McCoy, 31 of Sonora, had threatened to physically assault an emergency room nurse. The incident was witnessed by another hospital employee.
McCoy was upset with the treatment he was receiving and become uncooperative and confrontational with the emergency room staff members. McCoy decided he was going to leave the hospital prior to his treatment being concluded, so the nurse and other staff member turned to leave the room. McCoy then aggressively walked toward the nurse and made a direct and aggressive threat to harm them, but didn’t strike the nurse. Both staff members feared for their safety because of the threat McCoy’s made, along with his extremely aggressive behavior toward them.
McCoy was placed under arrest for felony criminal threats. During a search of his person, following his arrest, ½ a gram of methamphetamine was located.
McCoy, Adam