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There is no 100% effective way to prevent car break-ins, but there are some simple steps you can take to deter thieves.  Many thieves are opportunists and tend to go for the easier targets. Before you leave your car unattended, consider the following options;

  • Always lock your car doors and roll the windows up
  • Activate the alarm and consider using other locking devices which will alert thieves that you have taken extra security measures
  • Never leave valuables or bags that can contain valuables, in view; this includes lose change or power cords to electronics which would presumably be hidden in the glove compartment
  • If visiting an area where valuables are not commonly carried with you (amusement parks, hiking trails, swimming areas) consider leaving valuables at home
  • Don’t hide your keys in or around your vehicle; thieves know these hiding places well
  • Park in highly visible locations with good lighting


Finally, be aware of your surroundings and report suspicious activity.