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On Thursday, November 30, 2017, at approximately 6 pm, Sonora Police Officers responded to Walmart for a report of a domestic violence restraining order violation.  When officers arrived, they met with an adult female. The unidentified female stated the responsible, 20-year-old Cole Cranstoun of Sonora, was in the parking lot. While the officer was speaking with the female she stated she was concerned for her safety due to an incident which occurred at Walmart the night prior to the same subject. She stated when she was in the store the evening prior, Cranstoun and she began arguing in the store. They eventually both left the store in a heated argument and walked away from the front of the store. A short time later the male subject physically picked the female up and walked her across the parking lot in his arms. He placed her in a pickup and drove her away from the store.


She stated she was knocked unconscious during the altercation. She was taken from the store to a residence in Sonora City against her will and without her knowing it. She was taken to a residence and awoke in the morning with Cranstoun sleeping next to her. She was able to escape the residence while Cranstoun was sleeping.


Cranstoun was observed leaving the Sonora home by Officers at about 1015 PM. A high-risk stop was initiated by Officers and Deputies of the Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Office and Cranstoun was taken into custody without incident.


Cranstoun was arrested and transported to the Tuolumne County Jail where he was booked for felony domestic battery, causing injury, Kidnapping, and violation of a court order. Cranstoun is being held in custody on $100,000 bail.