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Date and Time of Release: 4 Oct. 2012

Date and Time of Incident: 27 Sept. 2012

Subject: Drug Arrest
A witness called the Sonora Police Department and reported they were following a possible intoxicated driver. The driver had crossed over double solid yellow lines several times almost striking oncoming traffic. The vehicle then ran into a curb in front of Sonora High School where it stopped.

Officers contacted the driver who was identified as Kevin Davis, 19 of Turlock. Officers noticed right away that Davis was under the influence of a controlled substance. Officers also noticed a very strong odor of marijuana coming from inside the vehicle.

A search of the vehicle resulted in almost a pound of processed marijuana. There were several mason jars containing 50 grams each and a large 2 gallon thermos which contained 205 grams of marijuana.

Davis was taken into custody for felony transporting and sales of marijuana. He was also arrested for misdemeanor driving under the influence of a controlled substance.