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Date and Time of Release: 10 Sept. 09

Date and Time of Incident: 10 Sept. 09

Subject: Military Explosive Device Found
10 Sept. 09, at approx. 12:30 pm, Sonora Police Department contacted a resident who reported finding a possible military explosive device inside their residence, which is located on the north end of town. The device had been brought home by a family member serving in the Philippines during WWII.

The device was secured and transported to a safe location. The Calaveras County Explosives Unit responded to assist in the matter. After examining the device, the Explosives Unit determined the device was a Japanese WW II error mortar, which was believed to be live.

The Sonora Fire Department responded and conducted pre-fire suppression of the area, and then the device was detonated by the Calaveras County Explosives Unit without incident.

It was not uncommon for some war veterans to bring home explosive devices as souvenirs, not knowing that they were still live, especially during WW II and the Korean War.

The Sonora Police Department would like to remind residents that if they locate any type of military ordinances or have one that is in question, to call your local law enforcement agency and have the device disposed of properly. Most of these devices become extremely unstable with time and need to be properly handled and disposed off.