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Date Incident: 22 March 2016, at approx. 3:49 pm

Subject: Felony Arrest

22 March 2016, at approx. 3:49 pm, an officer responded to the area of Sonora Elementary School for a reported hit and run accident. The victim called 911 and reported a reckless driver who collided into their vehicle on Greenley Rd, then took off at a high rate of speed. The caller advised the responsible vehicle was last seen turning into the upper parking lot of the Sonora Elementary School, after running a red traffic light.

When the officer arrived, they saw a small silver hatchback traveling behind the bus yard gate, toward the school’s shop area. The officer drove back to the area where they located the vehicle stopped at a gate which goes toward the shop area. The car was pushed up against the gate. There was a young child in the backseat of the vehicle, and a female sitting in the driver’s seat. The female was later identified as Gladys Collins, 67 of Jamestown, and the child was identified as her 3 year old grandson.

The officer contacted Collins. Collins related she was aware she had run into the gate, but didn’t know she had been in any other collisions. The officer noticed Collins eyes were bloodshot and watery and her speech was slurred, as well as displaying other signs of being under the influence.

The officer asked Collins for the keys to her car. Collins refused. As the officer reached into the car to pull the keys from the ignition, Collins pulled the officers hand away. The officer then opened the car door and instructed Collins to exit the car. Collins refused. Collins then started the car and put her car in gear. The officer was able to reach past Collins and put the car in park as Collins pressed the accelerator.

Collins then punched the officer in the face. The officer grabbed Collins and began pulling her from the car. The officer was unable to pull Collins from the car and was assisted by a citizen who was in the parking lot. Together, they removed Collins from the car and placed her on the ground where she was handcuffed.

After Collins was placed into the backseat of a patrol car, medics arrived to check Collins. Because Collins alleged some medical conditions, she was taken to Sonora Regional Medical Center where she was admitted, then later released.

Several bottles of prescription medication were located in Collins purse, most of which advised not to mix with alcohol.

Collins was cited for; felony child endangerment, felony obstructing and resisting arrest, misdemeanor battery on a police officer, misdemeanor hit and run, as well as misdemeanor driving under the influence.

The child was released to his grandfather. The officer sustained minor injuries, but refused medical assistance.
Collins, Gladys