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On February 15th, 2017, at approximately 9:09 pm, the Sonora Police Department was called to the AM-PM market on Pesce Way for a report of a male subject harassing customers and employees. Upon the Officer’s arrival, her attention was directed to 25-year-old Steven Austin Palmer of Sonora.

Palmer immediately refused to cooperate with the officer during her initial contact with him. After continued attempts to gain his cooperation had failed, the officer made the decision to place Palmer under arrest for obstructing and delaying an investigation. When the officer attempted to place Palmer under arrest, he began physically resisting. A Police Sergeant arrived on scene to assist but Palmer continued to struggle with both officers for quite some time. To avoid serious injury to all parties involved, officers administered a Taser drive-stun to Palmer, and also used pepper-spray in an attempt safely overcome resistance. Still, Palmer continued to violently struggle with the officers but was eventually taken into custody.

Palmer was booked at The Tuolumne County Jail for Felony Resisting Arrest. Both officers sustained minor injuries as a result of the altercation.
Palmer Booking