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Date and Time of Release: 1 Oct. 2012

Date and Time of Incident: 28 Sept. 2012

Subject: Felony Firearms Arrest
28 Sept. 2012, The Sonora Police Department received information that Timothy Vezina, 24 of Sonora, had firearms and ammunition stored in the attic crawl space of his residence. Because of a criminal conviction, Timothy is not allowed to possess firearms or ammunition. His wife Stephanie Vezina, 30 of Sonora, also has a conviction, which exempts her from possessing firearms or ammunition as well.

Officers obtained a search warrant for the Vezina’s residence. Just before serving the search warrant, Stephanie and Timothy Vezina, along with their one year old son, were stopped in their vehicle, as they were leaving the area of their residence. Stephanie was driving and it was determined she was driving under the influence of methamphetamine, marijuana and Norco.

Upon the service of the search warrant, two rifles, a shotgun and ammunition were located. Also located was; methamphetamine, syringes and several empty drug baggies in and about the child’s belonging.

Both Stephanie and Timothy were taken into custody. Their 1 year old son was turned over to the custody of Child Welfare Services. Some of the charges the two are facing are; felony possession of firearms, felony possession of ammunition, felony possession of a controlled substance and felony child endangerment.