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Date and Time of Release: 29 December 2009

Date and Time of Incident: 29 December 2009

Subject: Subject Identifying Themselves as a Sonora Police Department Officer
29 December 2009, a business located in the County, was contacted via phone by a male subject identifying himself as an officer with the Sonora Police Department. The caller asked for donations for the, “Sonora Police Department’s drug program.” When the business owner asked the caller for his name and identification, the caller hung up.

It should be noted that the Sonora Police Department is not soliciting money for any types of programs. We caution everyone, as this appears to be a fraudulent activity attempting to gain money while using the Sonora Police Department as a decoy.

If you receive a call of this nature, we encourage you not to give the caller any money. Instead we encourage you to contact your local law enforcement agency with the details of the call you received.

Because the incident occurred in the County, the investigation has been turned over to the Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Office.