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Date and Time of Release: 22 June 2011

Date and Time of Incident: 21 June 2011, at approx. 12:47 am

Subject: Gas Theft Ring Arrest

21 June 2011, at approx. 12:47 am, while conducting routine patrol, officers from the Sonora Police Department came upon two vehicles and fives subjects behind the Tuolumne County Senior Center. When the subjects observed the officers they all took off running leaving their two vehicles behind.

Officers determined that the subjects were in the process of stealing gas from the vehicles belonging to the center. Gas lines had been cut and gas had been removed from some of the vehicles. Inside one of the vehicles was identification, along with a lock pick set and pass keys used to open and start several different types of vehicles. There were also several other burglary tools in the vehicles.

When the officers went to the address of one of the registered owners, they located four of the five suspects hiding in the bushes and took them into custody. Most of the subjects admitted to being involved in the theft. Most them also had text messages on their phones relating to meeting up and stealing gas.

The fifth subject was apprehended a short time later when he called the Sonora Police Department to report his vehicle stolen. Officer’s contacted the subject who claimed his vehicle had been stolen by an unknown suspect. The officers then showed the subject text messages which were to and from him, regarding meeting and stealing gas, at this point this suspect confessed to his involvement in the gas theft.

Taken into custody and booked at the Tuolumne County Jail on felony conspiracy charges, along with several other misdemeanor charges related to the gas theft were;

Taylor Barrett, 19 of Sonora; Heather Hammond, 18 of Sonora; Tyler Devereux, 19 of Sonora; Jason Krueger, 19 of Sonora; and Samuel Barcarcel, 18 of Sonora.