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You can run…and run…and run…but you can’t hide!
After a 3 month game of hide and seek, Troy Loveday (35 of Sonora) was found hiding at his camp located in a field behind Lowe’s. Loveday had run from Officers’ three times in the past several months and disappeared each time into thick brush and trees. Loveday had four outstanding felony warrants for his arrest, and three more misdemeanor charges were requested against him for running from the police.
On 3/24/19 at 1:53 am Officers’ followed up on a location where Loveday had known to stay in the past. A camp was located and a female came out of the tarp structure. She claimed no one else was inside. During a search of the inside, Loveday was located inside hiding behind a loveseat. He was arrested without incident and booked into county jail on his warrants.