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Subject: Holiday Safety Tips

The following are some holiday safety tips offered by the Sonora Police Department:
• Plan your trip and drive according to conditions. Remember to have a passenger use the cell phone or utilize a hands free device if you are driving!
• Don’t text and drive!!! Taking your eyes off the road for just a second or two can have tragic consequences.
• Wear your seat belt!!! Seat belts are proven to save lives and prevent injuries.
• Make sure children are secured in an approved child safety seat.
• Get enough rest and don’t try to drive when you would normally be asleep.
• Don’t consume alcohol if you are going to be driving!! Remember, buzzed driving is drunk driving.
• Keep kitchen clutter and loose clothing away from stove burners and open flames.
• Never leave cooking food unattended.
• Turkey fryers are for outdoor use, away from combustible structures.
• If the contents in a pot or pan catch fire, do not touch or try to move the pot or pan as you may spread the fire or burn yourself. Extinguish the flames with a metal lid, larger pot or fire extinguisher.
• Never use water on a grease fire. Extinguish the flames with a metal lid, larger pot or a fire extinguisher.
• Keep holiday decorations and wrapping paper away from heat sources such as stoves, candles or heaters.
• In the event of a fire or medical emergency call 911.
Have a safe Christmas and New Year!