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Date and Time of Release: 7 July 2009

Date and Time of Incident: 6 July 2009, at approx. 8:06 pm

Subject: Horse Death

6 July 2009, at approx. 8:06 pm, officers from the Sonora Police Department responded to the intersection of Stockton Rd. and State Route 49, on a report of a horse having been drug to death behind a horse trailer.

Officers contacted the owner of the horse and driver of the vehicle. She related that her and her daughters had been riding at a friend’s ranch on Jamestown Road. Then after riding, her girls loaded the horses in the horse trailer. The driver normally checks the trailer, but on this occasion she didn’t.

It is believed that the trailer door was not properly secured and the horse fell out of the trailer and was dragged for several miles, before the driver was made aware the horse was being drug behind the trailer.

The Sonora Fire Department and Public Works responded to clean up the pavement after the horse was removed.