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On Friday, January 25th, 2019, the Sonora Police Department arrested 55-year-old Lori K. Zimmanck of Sonora following an investigation into a report of fictitious check activity.


On Thursday, January 17th, the Customer Service Manager of Bank of Stockton reported that a female entered the bank and attempted to cash a personal check from a Bank of America account for an amount in excess of $3,000.  The female identified herself to bank employees as Lori Zimmanck. When the bank manager attempted to verify funds associated with the account, it was learned that Zimmanck was not associated with that account.  Ultimately, Zimmanck left the bank, leaving the fictitious check behind.


The following day, we were alerted that Zimmanck returned to the same bank and attempted to deposit another check for an amount in excess of $2,000.  The investigating officer was able to review bank surveillance video and saw that the actions of Zimmanck were consistent with what was being reported.


On Friday,


January 25th, the investigating officer was patrolling the Crossroads Shopping Center spotted the female who he recognized from the bank surveillance video.  The officer contacted and identified the female as Zimmerack and subsequently arrested her for her crimes.


Zimmerack was booked at the Tuolumne County Jail for Identity Theft.  Additional charges relating to Zimmerack’s activity are also being sought.