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Date and Time of Release: 29 May 2013

Date and Time of Incident: 28 May 2013

Subject: Identity Theft Arrest

28 May 2013, at approx. 7:07 pm, a vehicle on the 700 block of Mono Way attracted the attention of an Officer, as the license plate had been altered by using Whiteout to alter one of the letters on the license plate.

The Officer stopped the vehicle and contacted the driver and passenger who were identified as Thomas Maloy, 36 (Driver) and Kenny Henson, 25 (Passenger), both of Modesto.

A checked revealed that Maloy’s driver’s license was suspended. During a search of Henson, a checkbook was located with the name Brandon Lee on it. All the checks inside the checkbook had different account and routing numbers on them for several different accounts, along with the driver’s license numbers of the victims for each account.

During a search of the vehicle, false identification cards were located with both subject’s photographs on them with the name Brandon Lee. It was determined that at least one local business had accepted one of the fraudulent checks under the name of Brandon Lee. Additional items of evidence indicating identity theft was located inside the vehicle.

Both Maloy and Henson were placed under arrest and transported to the Tuolumne County Jail and booked.

A search was conducted of their hotel room located inside the City. Located inside the room was equipment to manufacture fictitious checks and identification cards, completed fictitious checks and identification cards, methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia.

Some of the charges that Malony and Henson were book for were; felony making or passing fictitious checks; felony using another person’s identification for credit or services; felony conspiracy to commit a crime; felony burglary; felony possession of a controlled substance; misdemeanor manufacturing deceptive government identification cards or documents.