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Date and Time of Release: 28 January 2013

Subject: Information on Active Shooter Incidents (Part 4)

How you should react when Law Enforcement arrives at the scene of an Active Shooter.

• Remain calm and follow Officers’ instructions

• Put down any handheld items, i.e. bags, backpacks, jackets, phones, ext.

• Immediately raise your hands and spread your fingers

• Keep your hands visible at all times

• Avoid making quick movements towards Officers or grabbing onto them

• Avoid pointing, screaming, or yelling at Officers

• Do not stop and ask Officers for directions or help when evacuating, just proceed in the direction or to the location you were told to go, or where Officers are entering the building/area from

Information to provide Law Enforcement or 911-Accurate and relevant information to Law Enforcement is vital for Active Shooter mitigation and can be provided to on scene Officers or 911. The following are importation details to relay;

• Location where you saw the Active Shooter (Do not guess if you don’t know)

• Direction of travel of the Active Shooter

• Any possible hostages

• Number of Active Shooters you personally saw

• Physical description of Active Shooter(s); Clothing, height, weight, hair color, type of weapons, distinguishing characteristics i.e. tactical equipment worn, masks, hats, ext.

• Number and types of weapons if know, number of explosive devices if known

• Number of potential victims

As stated last time, arriving Officers will not stop to help injured persons, their initial response is to stop the Active Shooter, so be cognizant of this.

Next time we will look at some potential indicators of workplace violence.