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Date and Time of Release: 27 September 2010

Date and Time of Incident: 25 September 2010, at approx. 10:30 pm

Subject: Injury accident and DUI arrest

25 Sept. 2010, at approx. 11:30 pm, an officer from the Sonora Police Department responded to Sonora Regional Medical Center for a female who was being treated for injuries she sustained after being run over by a vehicle on Corky Lane around 10:30 pm.

The officer contacted Brenda Souza, 38 of Sonora at the medical center. Souza related that she and her husband were arguing, so she went outside. Then while lying on the roadway looking at the stars, a vehicle ran over her right arm. Friends transported Souza to the emergency room for treatment. Souza’s injuries were determined to be minor. Souza was later arrested on an outstanding felony warrant for writing checks with insufficient funds to cover them.

Officers responded to Corky Lane and located the vehicle and driver who had struck Souza. The driver was identified as Tyrell Hamilton, 22 of Sonora. Hamilton was arrested for misdemeanor driving under the influence and booked at the Tuolumne County Jail.