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Date and Time of Release: 30 September 2010

Date and Time of Incident: 4 October 2010

Subject: Lifesaving Commendations-Four Officers to be honored

The Sonora Police Department expects a high level of professional conduct from all its employees. However, members of the department frequently perform their duties in a manner exceeding the highest standards of the department. When such conduct occurs, official awards and commendations are presented to recognize those employees who have demonstrated exceptional service to the department and community.

On Monday, 4 October 2010, at 5:00 pm, four officers from the Sonora Police Department will be presented the Department’s Lifesaving Commendation, before the Sonora City Council. The officers are; Officer John Mager; Officer Jaemie Boeding; Officer Ryan Webb; Officer Andrew Theodore. During the past year and a half, each of these officers preformed an exceptional act of heroism which resulted in three people surviving tragic situation.

The knowledge of lifesaving techniques, along with the swift actions demonstrated by these four fine officers, certainly contributed to these three peoples survival. The officer’s dedication to the job and to the community in which they serve brings great credit upon them, the City of Sonora, and the law enforcement profession.