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Date and Time of Release: 11 March 2013

Date and Time of Incident: 11 March 2013, at approx. 1:41 pm

Subject: Live Explosive Device Located
11 March 2013, at approx. 1:41 pm, members of the Tuolumne Utility District (TUD) contacted the Sonora Police Department and reported they had located a suspicious device on a fire hydrant, located on East Lyons/Bald Mount Road, near the entrance into the Blackberry Oaks Apartment complex.

Officers responded to the scene. The TUD employees pointed out the item to the Officers, which was cylinder in shape, with a pull pin. The item appeared to be some type of live explosive or incendiary device, which had been painted from its original color.

The Calaveras Bomb Unit was contacted and they responded to assist with the call, along with the Sonora Fire Department. The representatives from the Bomb Unit identified the item as a live military practice ordinance. The device was described as having little shrapnel output if detonated, but would produce the sound equivalent to that of a ¼ to ½ a stick of dynamite. The Bomb Unit took custody of the device.

During this incident, the roadway was closed for approx. 2 ½ hours and traffic was diverted around the area. The investigation into this matter is continuing.