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Date and Time of Release: 1 April 2010

Date and Time of Incident: Current

Subject: Lotto Scam

There is another Lotto Scam making its way through our area. This one claims to be from the International Promotion/Prize Award Department out of Madrid Spain and Lisboa Portugal. The letters claim the recipient is one of 17 winners of the International Lottery, and their share is anywhere from $500,000 to $900,000. It also tells you to keep the letter from “public notice” until your claim has been processed.

The letter looks official with lots of stamps and fancy lettering, but it is a scam. If you look close, the letter is not addressed to anyone. The envelope is plain and has a computer generated address label, with no return address. Attached to the letter is a “Lottery Payments Processing Form.” The form asks for the recipients bank name, account number, routing number, and address.

Unfortunately, if you supply this information, the scammers will have access to your bank account. They will then normally empty your account out immediately. Because this scam originates outside the US and takes the money outside the US, there is little local law enforcement can do for the victims of this type of crime.

If you receive one of these letters, be sure to destroy it. Also tell your friends and relatives not to release their personal information to this company, or any other company that wants it, without first validating the company. Even then you need to be extremely careful when releasing your banking information to someone you don’t know.