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Just after 8:00 pm. on Saturday, August 24th, an aware citizen called in a suspicious subject looking into parked vehicles between Walmart and PetSmart.  Officer Brickley arrived on scene within three minutes of the call and located 36-year-old Matthew A. Souza of Sonora matching the description.


Souza tried walking away from the officer and ignored Officer Brickley’s commands to stop.  Officer Brickley was eventually able to block Souza’s escape route and take him into custody.


We were unable to establish a completed crime related to the initial call, but Souza was in possession of an opened container of alcohol and was on active CDC Parole.  Based on his actions on Saturday the 24th,  combined with two separate drug-related arrests earlier that week; a decision was made to arrest Souza for felony violation of parole.  Additionally, he was booked for possession of an opened container and obstructing an officer.

Souza, Matthew