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Date and Time of Release: 14 February 2013

Date and Time of Incident: 13 February 2013

Subject: Officer Discovers Large Credit Card Fraud Operation

10 Feb. 13, An Officer was contacted by the victim of identity theft from Ventura, CA. The victim told the Officer that her credit card was recently used at several businesses in Tuolumne County to purchase thousands of dollars worth of merchandise. The victim stated she was still in possession of her credit card.

The Officer went to all of the businesses inside the City limits where the fraudulent card was used. The Officer obtained video surveillance of the suspects, a list of the property they had purchased with the fraudulent card and other documentation. The Officer was able to put together a photo line-up, which lead to the positive identification of both suspects. They were identified as Jeremy Keturi, 35 of Modesto and Shatece Turner, 29 of Modesto.

During the Officers investigation, he located Keturi’s facebook page. Keturi had posted photos of Turner wearing some of the stolen property, and of a ski trip which is believed to have been paid for on the victims credit card.

The Officer was able to obtain a search warrant for Keturi and Turner’s residence on Espana Drive in Modesto. With the help of the Modesto Police Department, the search warrant was served on the residence on 13 Feb. 13.

Most of the stolen property from Sonora was located inside the residence, as well as other stolen property. It’s estimated that over $10,000 worth of stolen property was recovered, some still in its original packaging. There was over $100,000 in credit card receipts located, which is believed to be for items purchased with fraudulent credit cards manufactured by Keturi and Turner.

Also located was an extensive amount of identity theft evidence, along with; credit card embosser, 500 blank credit cards with magnetic strips, card skimmer, card graphic printer, program to import credit card information on cards, numerous credit cards in other peoples’ names, a list of people’s names dates of birth and social security numbers; and several other items associated with the manufacturing of fraudulent credit cards.

Neither Keturi nor Turner where at the residence when the search warrant was served. Keturi was later located and arrested by the Modesto Police Department. Keturi was booked at the Tuolumne County Jail for eight counts of burglary and eight count of identity theft.

The Sonora Police Department is still actively looking for Turner. The investigation into this matter is ongoing.