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Date Incident: 7 January 2016

Subject: Parking Enforcement

Beginning Wednesday, 13 January 2016, as part of the new parking enforcement Community Services Officers training program, some limited parking enforcement will begin in the downtown area. The areas of enforcement will consist of timed parking, out of marked space, backing into stalls, loading zones and red zones violations.

All these areas are clearly marked. However, many people have not been following the signs and roadway markings for years now. If you are one of those who may have been parking for eight hours in a three hour zone, you may want to start rethinking your parking behavior. Also, if you are one of the many people using a red zone as a loading zone, you may want to start using the properly marked areas for your activities.

Below are some of the more common parking violations the Community Service Officer will encounter, along with the assigned fine for each violation.

Overtime parking $26.00
Red zone $41.00
Out of marked space $21.00
18” from the curb $31.00
Double parking $41.00
Backing into stall $21.00
Parked wrong way $41.00
No parking any time $41.00
Loading zone $41.00
Permit parking $31.00
Stopped in fire lane $41.00
Blocking hydrant $81.00
Parking in crosswalk $41.00
Parking on sidewalk $41.00