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Date and Time of Release: 14 May 2015

Subject: Photograph of Chief Gorman Found!

The Sonora Police Department would like to thank Nance Bowell of Valley Springs for her generous donation of a photo of her grandfather Chief Delbert Gorman. Nance also provided us with other information about Chief Gorman which the department greatly appreciates.

Chief Gorman was appointed Chief September 1959, replacing Chief Dewey Walker. He served until July 1960, at which time he was forced to retire because of a medical issue. Chief Gorman spent 15 years with the Palo Alto Police Department before moving to Tuolumne County, where he owned and operated Gorman’s Glass Company. Chief Gorman spent six months with the Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Department before joining the Sonora Police Department.

We are still looking for photographs of the below two listed Chief’s. Anyone who may have a photo or information on the possible whereabouts of a photo is asked to contact the Sonora Police Department at 209-532-8141.

The only two remaining Chief’s to complete our collection are;

Chief Dewey Walker Chief 1959

City Marshall W.H. Dennis Marshall 1910-1920 (Circa)
Chief Gorman