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Date Incident: 3 August 2016

Subject: Police Officer Recruitment

The Sonora Police Department is recruiting for the position of Police Officer. The position is open to Police Academy graduates and Lateral Officers. Testing will be conducted soon.

The base salary is $4,378-$5,321 a month, with additional pay incentives available for Intermediate & Advanced POST Certificates (2.5% each); educational incentive of 2.5% for an Associates, Bachelors, and Masters degree; 5.0% incentive for special assignments (FTO, Investigator, Computer Network Manager, and Traffic Officer.)

For more information about this career opportunity, log onto, to obtain a job flyer plus download a job application; you may stop by the Sonora Police Department (100 S. Green Street), or the City of Sonora (94 N. Washington Street), and pick-up a flyer as well as an application. You may also call the Police Department at 532-8141, or Human Resources at 588-8946 for more information.

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