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Date and Time of Release: 30 July 2009

Date and Time of Incident: 29 July 2009 at approx. 2339 hours

Subject: Possession of Stolen Property Arrest

On 29 July 2009, at approx. 2339 hours, Officers were dispatched to Magali’s bar for a reported theft of a wallet. Officers contacted the victim who related that two males and a female had removed some items from her purse, while she was at the bar. The victim then located the possible suspects in the Bank of America parking lot and confronted them about the theft, at which time the female suspect head butted the victim and took off running.

Two of the suspects were located and stopped by officers. They were identified as Misty Gavi, 25, of Jamestown and her brother Jonathon Gavi, 22, of Sonora. They both denied having any knowledge of the theft. An officer recognized the Gavi’s as recently exiting a mini market in the area.

The clerk of the mini mart was contacted. She related that the Gavi’s were in the store and attempted to use a credit card that was rejected for some reason. The subjects then stole several items from the store, which was caught on the store’s surveillance system. The Gavi’s were still in possession of the property stolen from the mini mart, when stopped by officers. The Gavi’s were taken into custody for possession of stolen property.

The second male was identified as Jeremy Allen, who is a parolee out of Riverbank. Officers learned that Allen had rented a room at the Gold Lodge earlier in the day. Officers went to the Gold Lodge in an attempt to locate Allen. Inside Allen’s room was another parolee Narrie Alfaro 37 of Crystal Falls.

During a parole search of Allen and Alfaro’s room, 4.2 grams of cocaine was located, along with 1 gram of hash and 2.3 grams of marijuana. Other items were located inside the room indicating the possible sales of narcotics. Alfaro was taken into custody on a parole hold. At the time of this release Allen was still outstanding.