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Date and Time of Release: 19 November 2012

Date and Time of Incident: 16 November 2012, at approx. 4:47 pm

Subject: Press release

16 November 2012, at approx. 4:47 pm, Officers from the Sonora Police Department responded to Regal 10 Cinemas on Sanguinetti Road regarding a firearm being discharged inside one of the movie theaters.

When Officers arrived, they contacted an off duty correctional sergeant with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR). The correctional sergeant related he was adjusting his concealed, off duty holster, while walking up an isle in one of the theaters. Somehow, he managed to disengage the back strap safety of the holster and depress the trigger, causing the firearm to discharge inside the theater.

The discharged round went through an armrest of a movie seat and came to rest on the floor of the theater. It was originally believed that no one was injured as a result of this incident. However, several hours later, a person contacted the management of the theater. This person claimed to have been struck by bullet fragments as a result of this incident. At the time of this press release, this person hasn’t contacted law enforcement, so the extent of their injuries is unknown.

The CDCR correctional sergeant’s firearm was seized and his supervisor was notified of the incident. The investigation into this matter is continuing.