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On 12-19-2017, at about 8:30 P.M., Sonora Police Dispatch received a call of a male subject who was bleeding from his stomach in the area of the AMPM (15 Pesce Way). Officers responded to the area and located the subject, identified as Adam Gregory Overstreet, 39 years old of Jamestown. Officers observed Overstreet was covered in blood, but was refusing to comply with lawful commands. Overstreet was detained in handcuffs and then forcibly began to resist officers. Officers were finally able to gain control of Overstreet. Once officers gained physical control of Overstreet, he made death threats towards arresting officers. One officer sustained minor injuries as a result of the struggle with Overstreet.

After further examination, it was determined that Overstreet had a puncture wound to the right side of his abdomen. Overstreet refused to cooperate and answer officers’ questions at the scene. Overstreet was transported by ambulance to AHS.

Officers interviewed several witnesses in the area Overstreet was contacted and determined that Overstreet had been waiving a knife and making death threats to bystanders prior to officers being dispatched.

Overstreet was treated for non-life threatening injuries and transported to the Tuolumne County Jail where he was booked on several felony charges including resisting arrest with force, criminal threats and threats to cause harm to a public officer. Officers also learned that Overstreet physically assaulted his wife earlier in the evening so charges of domestic battery upon a spouse were added.

The investigation into the circumstances of how Overstreet sustained his injuries is ongoing.