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On 05-30-18, just prior to 1945 hrs, Sgt from SPD was dispatched to Rite Aid, 805 Mono Way, for a report of theft suspects fighting with store staff.

Upon arrival the Sgt observed a blond female walking away from the store front. Citizens who where in front of the store were pointing to the female walking away and advised the Sgt that she was involved in the incident.

She was stopped and detained until until the Sgt was able to determine what exactly occurred. She was placed in the back of a patrol vehicle, uncuffed. The Sgt then walked to the front of the store where the store personnel were fighting with another subject.

As he was trying to take the second female into custody at the front of the store (E. Hernandez) walked back to the front of the store and started to try to push him away from the second subject (A Hernandez).

The Sgt was not able to get Ariana into handcuffs and had bystanders hold her down. The Sgt then grabbed Erika’s arm and placed a control hold on her in an attempted to place handcuffs on her (Erika Hernandez). After placing handcuffs on Erika he walked her to the patrol vehicle. The Sgt was attempting to have her sit back in the back seat. A short time later the second female (Ariana Hernandez) returned to the patrol vehicle and attempted to push the Sgt away from Erika. He was able to push Ariana away and push Erika into the back seat. Ariana kicked him in the groin leaving a foot print on my pants.

The Sgt was able to get Erika in the back seat and was able to hold onto Ariana and get her detained until other units arrived. There were two other females who approached the Sgt when he was dealing with the first two subjects. These females were ordered numerous times to leave the area which they refused. They continued to get closer and closer to the two females that were detained. The Sgt ordered them to leave the area about five times before they heard other sirens coming and they finally left.

Sgt from TCSO arrived a short time later. With his assistance they placed Ariana in the Sheriff’s Dept patrol vehicle. While in the backseat Ariana was kicking the patrol vehicle and causing damage to the car. She was transported to the hospital for clearance and was later taken to the County Jail for booking.

HERNANDEZ, ERIKA 09/19/1998 ARRESTED AND BOOKED FOR 211 PC, 69 PC, 836.6 PC, AND 405a PC. HERNANDEZ, ARIANA 08/19/1999 ARRESTED AND BOOKED FOR 211 PC, 69 PC, 148(A)(1) PC, 594(A) PC, AND 405a PC