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Date and Time of Release: 9 May 2011

Date and Time of Incident: 6-8 May 2011

Subject: Round-Up Weekend
The Sonora Police Department had a rather quite Mother Lode Round-Up Weekend. Below are the statistics for the operational period which began Friday, 6 May 11, at 12:01am and ran until 8 May 11, at Midnight.

Attempted Rape One
Injury Accidents Two
Public Intoxications Six
Driving Under Influence Three
Battery & Domestic Violence Five
Resisting Arrest One
Defrauding an Innkeeper One

There were numerous fights during this time period. However, in most incidents, the involved parties didn’t want any type of criminal action taken against each other, or the involved parties fled the area prior to the officers’ arrival. Although the Sonora Police Department stayed busy, there were no major incidents this year.