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Date and Time of Release: 6 Dec. 2012

Date and Time of Incident: 6 Dec. 2012, at approx. 11:49 am

Subject: School Lockdown

6 December 2012, at approx. 11:49 am, the Sonora Police Department received a report of a subject with a possible rifle shooting behind Sonora Elementary School. The subject was described as wearing a camouflage jacket, with some type of hat.

Sonora Elementary School was placed on a lock down as well as Cassina High School, because of its close proximity to the elementary school.

Officers from the Sonora Police Department, along with the California Highway Patrol and Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Department responded to the area and sat up a perimeter. An intense search was conducted of the area. There were no signs of human presents or shooting located in the area.

After the search of the area was completed, both schools were released from the lockdown. Both schools were locked down for approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes while the search was being conducted.

It should be noted there is a shooting range just outside the City, near the area of the school. There was training going at this range, which people had reported hearing in this same area earlier in the day.