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Date and Time of Release: 22 January 2013

Date and Time of Incident: 18 January 2013

Subject: Search Warrant

18 January 13, at approx. 9:20 pm, Officers from the Sonora Police Department served a search warrant at a residence located on the 100 block of Columbia Way. Narcotics and paraphernalia were located inside the residence.

During a discussion with one of the residents, the resident admitted they allow several people to use the residence to do drugs in. This information was supported by surveillance which revealed numerous known drug offenders frequenting the residence on a regular base.

Taken into custody were: Thomas Solis, 51 of Sonora; Shannon Ramey, 44 of Sonora; Matthew Cliburn 31 of Sonora; Joaquin Duarte, 31 of Modesto. All four were booked for felony drug charges, along with being under the influence of a controlled substance.

In addition Cliburn was arrested for being in possession of a dangerous weapon. Duarte was arrested for possession of stolen property. Solis and Ramey were booked for maintaining a drug house.